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Villaa Moon Abaya is a limitless brand that aims at providing sophistication and luxury to its designs. Our Abaya designs show how dazzling a woman can be while wearing our outfits. Villaa moon is a fashionable enriched brand with tailored designs to incorporate the beauty and feel of the Abaya community. Since its foundation, Villaa Moon has been an exceptional brand in the Arab world with always delivering high-quality Abayas.




By Professor Nashima

In 2011

Villaa Moon Abaya was founded by Professor Nashima Nassar Al-Shariaan in 2011. Villaa Moon is a brand that loves elegance and luxury, embraces excellence and exclusivity, and portrays beauty and femininity.

Villaa Moon was created by Professor Nashima, a home economics teacher, who did not stop climbing up the career ladder. She became art instructor in the Ministry of Education. The designs that she comes up with are inspired by fashion houses. As for the fabric outcomes, she sculpt them to be aligned with our Gulf societies. This in turn creates genius-looking pieces that increase attractiveness, and endows their owner with sophistication and modest elegance.

Professor Nashima is a human development and life coach trainer. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Teachers’ Association and the Board of Trustees of the Arab Al-Tunnel Fund. She is also a member of the Kuwaiti House of Awareness and a member of the Arab African Organization for Humanitarian Action.

Her educational and developmental specialization did not stand in the way of her love for fashion and elegance.

It all started as simple as anyone could imagine. The beginning was within the confines of family and friends. Despite all the surrounding circumstances, this made the Villaa Moon Abaya name shine in the sky of taste, luxury and elegance in the Arab world

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Villaa moon is the brand to choose. It is the brand that you want to have in your closet. Our Abayas are tailored piece by piece, thread by thread, to give you the best look needed for a day or night out in your community. The Abaya society truly incorporated our brand because we merged sophistication, luxury, stylish and fashionable outfits. We are leading pioneers in creating the perfect designs that best describe your personality.